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premiere  BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY + BIRTH FILMS +  DOULA SUPPORTDocumentary Family SEssions in Bloomington, IL



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Motherhood is a deep, rich gift that unites women across culture and history. The day you bring your child into the world is sacred and documenting the growth of you family is an honor.

As one of the premiere birth photographers in Central IL, Jessica will capture your entire birth story regardless of where or how you give birth.  Years of experience as a doula and childbirth educator has equipped Jessica to respect your birth space and the choices you make throughout labor and delivery.

You can choose to have your birth story documented through photos and/or film and customize signature artwork to share with baby for years to come. 

Newborn Photos Bloomington, IL


Once you see that positive pregnancy test everything changes. By now, Google has become your best friend and everyone has advice on what to eat, what to avoid, essential baby gear and the best preschools in town!

Take a deep breath, it is going to be ok.

First things first, you need to give birth. Your body was made for the task ahead! You have created life, will bring your baby into the world, nourish your baby and experience a love like no other. Birth is a normal process and with some preparation and support, you will set yourself up for a beautiful experience.  Your birth environment plays a huge role on your labor process and you need to be comfortable with everyone in your birth space.  I am honored to be welcomed into your birth space and support you as a doula


Family Photography

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Family Photographers Bloomington, IL

have your heard of documentary photography?

These aren't your average photo sessions. Think about the boxes of old pictures you have in the attic. Which photos make you smile?

Chances are they are the pictures of you playing your favorite childhood game or curled up with Mommy on the couch. Not the ones in a studio.

The mundane, the chaos, the small acts of love that make up your life are worth preserving. These are the photos your children will want to see as they grow up. 


Create Your Own Collection

We will work together to create timeless pieces of art that you can display in your home for years to come.

There are no packages that lock you into prints you don't want.

Instead you select one or more Signature Art Pieces and all of your Digital Files are included!




A passion project

Our Normal Life celebrates all people and wants everyone to feel welcome in Bloomington-Normal. Jessica has a degree in Cultural Anthropology and believes our differences are beautiful and once we get to know one another, we are more alike than one may think. This projects gifts documentary photo session to immigrant families willing to share their story. The hope is by giving people a glimpse into your life we can change the negative perception of immigrants in our country and encourage a more accepting culture! Interested in sharing your story? Follow the link below for more information!