How will you involve my partner in our birth?

Many partners are concerned hiring a support person for your birth will replace them. I believe this experience is so important for BOTH of you and my goal is to support you as a team! We will work together to equip your partner with tools they can use to comfort and encourage you during labor, as well as, advocate for your birth choices if necessary. I may know more about the labor process but your partner knows you better than anyone else and is a vital person for your labor team!

What if I hire your for birth photography and doula support?

Since our prenatal visits will focus on giving your partner the tools to help comfort you during labor, I will be able to step back and photograph your shared labor experience. There may be times throughout labor when your emotional and physical support take priority and I will set the camera aside. When it comes time to birth your baby I will step back to allow your care provider and partner the room they need to care for you. This is the perfect opportunity to document baby's arrival and you and your partners reactions to meeting baby!

What if I have a c-section?

Chat with your care provider ahead of time to see what their policy is in the event of a cesarean. Different hospitals have different guidelines and it is your responsibility to check ahead of time if a birth photographer is allowed to join you in the OR. In some instances they may allow me to join you in the recovery room directly after the c-section to capture photos of you meeting your little one. 

When is payment due? 

A 50% deposit is due at the signing of our contract and the remainder is due by 36 weeks. I am happy to work on payments leading up to 36 weeks.

Will you use flash?

Every birth is unique and I want to honor your birth space. My camera and equipment is made to function well in low light situations but if we need a little bit more we can always start small with a room lamp. In order to capture baby's arrival or other fleeting moments of birth I may bounce a flash off the ceiling but the light will never be pointed at you directly and is quite small. 

Will the pictures be modest?

I believe in telling your entire birth story and want you to be comfortable sharing the photos you receive. If you are concerned we can chat ahead of time about what makes you most comfortable and I am happy to keep certain photos sepearte for you to view privately. 

What's Next?

Call or email me to set up an in-person consultation. This will give us a chance to meet and see if we are a good fit. Once you hire me, you will gain exclusive content to the Birth Client Lounge with information on what to expect, how to prepare and access to online payments and contracts.