What’s Your Birth Philosophy?

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Your beliefs about birth…

Before you begin to plan your birth, grab a piece of paper and use the following questions to help evaluate your feelings and beliefs about birth. There are no wrong answers!

Identify your beliefs about birth using the following scale:

5. Somewhat Agree

6. Agree

7. Strongly Agree

1.Strongly Disagree

2. Disagree

3. Somewhat Disagree

4. Not sure

  • How my baby is born does not matter as long as everyone is ok in the end.

  • The process of giving birth can be safe and joyful.

  • There are somethings about giving birth that scare me.

  • Most women can safely give birth without medical assistance.

  • I feel that my midwife/doctor and I are a team and should work together.

  • Together with my partner, I should make the final decisions about my care.


Given your answers, write a brief summary of your beliefs about birth:

Finding YOUR birth philosophy is the first step to helping you choose a the right care provider, support and how to prepare for your birth experience! I am so excited to help you on this journey! Watch your inbox for more tools to guide you along the way. Feel free to email me if you have any questions in the meantime: jessica@jessicaworland.com