World Doula Week: Birth Photos Sneak Peek

Yesterday marked the beginning of World Doula Week and what an exciting start it was. I was hired to photograph a birth and at 42 weeks thought I may have missed a call. But around 11:30 pm the couple's doula called to let me know baby was just born en route to the hospital! So I grabbed my camera and rushed out the door to meet them at the Birthing Center. 

I ran up right behind dad and doula and was able to document baby being admitted. Expecting a boy they were surprised to meet their perfect baby GIRL! She was born 8 lbs 15 oz 21 inches long with a great set of lungs. Dad was so calm and collected it was surprising he caught baby in a parking lot 10 minutes earlier. 

The EMTs brought mom in shortly after. A rockstar to say the least, she was still in labor and in shock over how quickly baby decided to come into the world.  Mom and baby were quickly reunited and skin to skin.

I am honored to have been part of such a great birth team and able to document some of baby's firsts among the commotion. Little Eleanor has already left her mark on the world and I wouldn't be surprised to see her grow up in a similar dramatic fashion. Congratulations to the entire family!