How to Dress for Family Photos

Photos are an investment and you want to look your best. But scrolling through Pinterest can bring about a sense of pressure and panic. How does one take a perfectly styled wall and translate these ideas to real outfits?! Here are my Top 5 Tips for Picking Outfits for Family Photos. Keep in mind the goal is to be your best you! So leave the wall behind and use this to guide you to outfits that represent your family!

1. Pick 2-3 colors

Choose two or three colors that go together and pick outfits for these. This will give you a foundation to guide your outfit choices and keep you from getting stuck on one look. Deep jewel tones, pastels, some primaries and muted tones photograph well and flatter everyone. 

2. Make Mom a Priority

When it comes to family photos mom is usually the point person. You work so hard to pick out just the right thing for everyone else and have just enough time to throw on something clean from your closet. Instead call in some help. Have grandma or a friend come over and get the kids ready so you have time to do your hair and nails. Most important, pick mom's outfit FIRST and coordinate everyone else to something that makes you confident! You hold the family together and you'll pull the photos together when you look and feel your best!

3. Coordinate Don't Match

Stay away from the exact same outfit for everyone. White shirts with jeans and khakis have little personality. We want to showcase your unique style as a family! Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns. If you keep them subtle they are likely to compliment one another. Stay away from matching your kids. No two kids are alike so why should their outfits be the same? 

4.Flattering Fit

Every shape has a fit that flatters. Find a cut that accentuates your strengths for the best photograph! For example, jeans go through many fads and styles but a slim fit dark denim always looks nice on both men and women. Most important your outfit has to fit now. This is especially true for kids. If the clothes are baggy they will photograph baggy. 

5. Take Some Time

You don't have to spend a fortune for everyone to look great. Just take a little time to plan ahead. Pick out colors compliment your shoot location, identify the best fit for your shape and figure out  what size clothes the kids fit into at present, then shop the sales. There are tons of stores that carry cute clothes at great prices! And unlike a shoot where everyone has on the same outfit, you can wear these again and again!

Hope these tips help guide you to specific outfits that reflect your family's unique personality! All clients of Jessica Worland Photography receive a Style Guide prior to your photo shoot date. In-depth pointers on what to wear for The Ladies, Gentlemen and Kids are included, as well as suggestions on accessories and where to shop! The guide is illustrated with real family sessions from previous clients. My hope is to work with you to alleviate stress and make photo day fun!