Merry Christmas from the Worlands

We have had a year of big change, Charlie has gone from 2-3 and Cordelia has grown from an infant to running and talking. There have been pleasant surprises and difficult challenges but we have grown a lot as a family and done our best to share in the struggles and joy of our family and our community. 

Every night after dinner the kids expect a family dance party in the living room and we have enjoyed lots of tips to the zoo. We skipped birthday parties this year and took a family trip to Chicago, the train ride and landline in the hotel room were just a couple highlights. We were also blessed to visit with lots of friends and enjoyed hosting our families who have made the trip to see us many times this year!

Charlie turned 3 and looooves Cars, the Black Keys and toast with plain butter. We have really enjoyed watching his imagination grow and dance moves evolve. So far his favorite character is The Flash and he has raced around the house in his Halloween costume every other day since October 1st. 

Cordelia turned 1 and has received many nicknames that fit her personality like "monkey" and "dizzy". She loves music and any and all food, we will let you decide which she gets from each of us. Her favorite words are "Mama" "Dada" and "Uh-Oh" and her best friend is a stuffed whale named "Cupcake". 

Chris has taken on new responsibilities both as a parent and at the library. His big lesson this year has been how to be a better listener. He's also enjoyed the chance to work on "fun" house projects which has included showing Charlie how to sand and use a hammer to create some furniture.

Jessica has enjoyed watching the kids grow, come into new stages and learn how to be siblings. She's also happy to return to on-call life with birth clients and the creative outlet provided through birth photography and family documentary sessions! Her big lesson this year has been to appreciate relationships in her life with friends near and far and to engage more intentionally and deeply. 

We love you all and are so thankful for going on this journey with us this year. We look forward to what 2017 holds and the times we will get to share with each of you!

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