Documenting Gigi

While we were in KY for my sister's wedding I wanted to take some time with my Grandmother. Since I was a kid I can remember visits to my grandparents house where Gigi would have things hidden in every closet and under every bed. Dolls she made, hand-knit afghans, new paintings she was working and so many treasures from yard sales she would pick up for us. I would feel like a princess in her costume jewelry and loved watching her paint "happy little trees" with Bob Ross in her sunroom. 

Those days seem so far away and I wanted to bottle up as much as I could before the memories fade forever. Her dementia is getting worse and her body frail but she remembered me and as always wanted to show me all of her special trinkets. We walked through her room and she showed me her favorite jacket and put it on like a queen. My mother told me it belonged to Gigi's sister. We looked at paintings she crafted years before and I listened as she told me about the memories I have of her making them in her sunroom. 

Every time I see Gigi I fear its our last time together, whether her mind betrays her or she finally finds peace with grandpa, I am glad we had some time to reminisce about a long beautiful life and will cherish these photos and her beauty forever.