Happy Birth Day: Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Last weekend Mitchell Family Chiropractic celebrate their 20th anniversary! I joined them for the party complete with balloons, breakfast, Doc McStuffins and free adjustments. There was such joy in the air, from the staff and clients! Many of whom (you might be surprised) were newborns and kids! While I was there, I had the chance to ask Dr. Susan some questions regarding the benefits of care during pregnancy! Hopefully sharing our conversation will help you see how chiro care can alleviate discomfort during pregnancy, prepare your body for birth and aid in recovery for both mom and baby! 


How can chiropractic care benefit women during pregnancy?

Chiropractic can be so helpful in pregnancy in so many ways. From relieving pain to restoring pelvic function for the birth or allowing babies to turn. It is sad because so many women chalk their pain up to being pregnant so they just suffer.

In our society, we are told it is “normal” to have headaches, sciatica, back pain, pubic pain, swelling, acid reflux and numbness just to name a few. Many pregnant moms think they just have to suffer or take meds to hold out until delivery. But what we have found over the last 20 years is that getting adjusted can get the body back to functioning and feeling so much better. Moms are so grateful!

And of course, moms love that it can be a natural approach to relief of their symptoms. All medicines have possible side effects. For instance, Tums has aluminum in it and concerns many mothers. This is not to mention pain meds or sleep aids concerns.

Research has also shown much shorter labor times and less need for pain meds during birth for those adjusted during their pregnancy. Who doesn't want that? Chiropractic adjustments are just allowing the pelvis to open and make more room for baby for an efficient and effective labor.

Mitchell Family Chiropractic Bloomington, IL

How early do you see clients in their pregnancy?

We see women in all stages of pregnancy. Many women come to get adjusted knowing they are going to be getting pregnant to make sure their bodies are functioning at an optimum level before even conceiving. Others come as they start experiencing discomfort and then continue beyond.

I have given many adjustments while women in labor and then of course immediately after. We love it because many times mom and baby will come and get checked on their way home from the hospital.

What is the Webster technique?

Webster Technique Breech Baby

The late Larry Webster, D.C., Founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association(ICPA), developed a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment which enables chiropractors to establish balance in the pregnant woman’s pelvis and reduce undue stress to her uterus and supporting ligaments.

This balanced state in the pelvis has been clinically shown to allow for optimal fetal positioning. The technique is known as the Webster Technique.

The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reports an 82% success rate of babies turning vertex when doctors of chiropractic used the Webster Technique.

With a balanced pelvis, babies have a greater chance of moving into the correct position and have much less stress on them in the womb.

Optimal baby positioning at the time of birth also results in easier and safer deliveries for both the mother and baby.

You treat babies as well, how can chiropractic benefit a newborn?

Chiropractic Care for Baby Bloomington, IL Mitchell Family Chiropractic

Yes, we see babies and children of all ages. Like I said, many parents stop by on their way home from the hospital. I have literally adjusted babies that are only minutes old. When I gave birth to my youngest son, I was checking him and my midwife asked if I could deliver my placenta first and then I could finish. Haha!

The reason I have checked 100s of babies is because of the small environment in the womb and birth trauma. We think about how hard birth is on mom but it is very difficult on baby as well. Many babies are pulled out by their head either with dr’s hands or forceps or vacuum. This puts incredible stress on the baby’s spine. And C-section can be even worse.

I recommend all babies get checked immediately after birth. I have checked 100s and had less than a handful that did not need adjusted (each of whom were home births).

How does chiropractic care of a baby differ from treatment an adult?

Chiro Care for Children Mitchell Family Chiropractic Bloomington, IL

It is very different for each age. Adjusting newborns is so gentle, most newborns sleep through it. All 3 of us Drs have had additional training and experience with working with kids of all ages.

I think it is very important that babies see a pediatric chiropractor like we are. Babies are not just tiny adults. They need to be treated differently.

What do you love most about your job?

Dr Susan Mitchell Family Chiropractic Bloomington, IL

You can see in the pics! I get to love on babies and hang out with families every day. The huge success stories we get to share every day is priceless to me. Just by gently restoring function to family’s spines, we have seen so many miracles.

We have had people become pain free from severe situations. We have prevented spinal surgeries and gotten so many people able to stop taking their drugs. But the kids are the best. They respond so fast. The most common thing we see in kids are things like acid reflux or colic in babies, ear infections, ADD, bedwetting, constipation and asthma.

Chiropractic is not a cure for those things but once we restore function, it is amazing how the body can heal. And to know that we are able to change their course in their health is awesome to me.

How does someone become a patient?

They can call the office at 309-828-6200 and schedule a time with us. If they have specific questions or concerns, I am happy to do a complimentary phone consultation first if they like and you can find more info on our website here.