The Birth of Coraline

Labor happened exactly how Sara expected. Baby came two weeks early with a premature rupture of membranes and 4 hours of labor. Both sisters were present for labor and so excited to meet their new sibling. The oldest daughter was so involved in helping comfort mom during labor, she held her hand and poured water on her back once in the tub. Sara was incredible, checking homework, getting the right episodes of Octonauts started and doing hair in between surges.

Once Grandma and Grandpa arrived labor picked up quickly. Sara got in the tub and after a few more contractions she was ready to push. Sara's husband was right by her side the entire time and helped deliver baby! Big sister announced the surprise sex but got a little confused by her hopes for a boy. Once mama looked we all giggled when she realized Coraline was actually the family's third baby girl! Check back later this week for the entire birth film!

Jessica WorlandComment