The Perfect Father's Day Gift: Family Films

Let's be honest, dads are hard to shop for. When they need a new shirt they get one, tools are great but does he like electric or cordless and gift cards feel so impersonal. How do you find the prefect gift that shows just how much you love him? He's always there to play, laugh and teach. His hugs are the best medicine when you have a boo boo. Night time stories are only read the right way in daddy's funny voices. What can you get him that even begins to show how special he is to your family? 

When I look around our house I see Chris' love and care in every corner. The clean dishes, freshly mowed lawn, a stack of books next to Charlie's bed he read the night before; he does so much for all of us and is ready to jump in as soon as he gets home from work. This time is so special and I wanted to capture these moments before they become memories. 

I hope you enjoy our latest family film as much as we do. Happy Father's Day Christopher. We love you! Thanks for loving us!