What To Pack In My Birth Bag

What To Pack in My Hospital Bag

The Basics 

Pretend you are packing for a weekend away and you want all of your favorites with you. A shower bag, comfy pjs, a rode, socks or slippers for walking around the hospital, birth center or your home and a bathing suit for the shower and/or birth tub. You can wear whatever you want while you labor and don't have to wear the itchy hospital gowns so pack a couple extra changes of clothes. Your favorite birth book, massage tools, a rebozo and water bottle heater are great tools for comfort measures. 

For Baby

Baby bottom balm! This will help clean those early meconium diapers and protect babies skin. The hospital will have plenty of diapers but if you're delivering at home make sure to have a stash ready. Skin to skin is best so pack several blankets and a hat to keep baby warm against you, these will make your postpartum and Fresh 48 pictures really special too! You can find these at Pinstripes and Polka Dots in Bloomington!

For Postpartum

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Time to bond with baby, refuel and take care of yourself. Essentials oils like lavender and lemon help soothe an calm, nipple butter and bottom balm can help your body adjust. Clean, comfy lounge wear that are easy to nurse in and stay skin to skin with baby, most mamas opt for just a robe. 

For Your Partner

Several changes of clothes. Comfy pjs for those first long nights and layers (the hospitals are esp. cold). You might want someone with you while you labor in the shower so pack a swimsuit for your support person and a shower bag. Keep in mind logos and  hats don't photography well, stick to solid colors that will show off baby when you finally get to cuddle. And lots and lots of snacks to share!

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