How does it work?

Our mission is to create something tangible for your home and deeply moving for you and your children to love as the years pass. We will choose the best printed art for your home and keepsakes of your child's birth! There are no packages that lock you into prints you don't need. Instead you "Create A Collection"  with your choice of one or more of our Signature Art Products. Your birth story is sacred and I believe you should have all of your memories from the day. Thats why small digital files are INCLUDED in the birth session fee and you have the option to upgrade to a gift box with custom USB and Birth Announcements. 

Complementary Maternity Session

All Birth Photo sessions include maternity photos. You need to be comfortable with everyone entering your birth space (especially someone bringing along a camera). This is a great opportunity to meet before your birth and get to another a bit. The maternity session also gives you a chance to capture your entire story, starting with life before baby. 

Your Birth Day

Babies come whenever they decide is best, thats why I am on call from 37-42 weeks. You can update me with signs of labor and I will join you during active labor (I recommend clients use the 4-1-1 Rule as a guide).  Once I join you there is no time limit to my coverage, I am there to capture your birth story until baby arrives and stay for 2 hours postpartum to capture the golden hour and newborn exam. 

Postpartum visit

Once you get home and settled, we will schedule our postpartum visit (clients prefer to do this 2 weeks after delivery).  We will go through your images together and work together to select the best keepsakes for your birth story. Small digital files are included in the session fee. This is  a great opportunity to process your birth experience and fill in the details that may have been swept away in the moment. 


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