telling your story through photos + films

I promise, you have a story to tell and it is beautiful! All family sessions include a collection of photos and modern family film! These sessions are done in a documentary style to create time capsules of your life right now.

Most sessions are done in your home but I love to join you on a favorite activity too (like a walk to the farmer's market or your favorite ice cream shop). We will work together beforehand to discover what to document and you will fill out a Storytelling Questionnaire to help us find the perfect activities for our session. The more I know about your family before, the better I can capture each of your personalities and the love that you share!

On the big day, I will meet you at your house and document what you love to do with your family. There is no posing, no props and no pressure. You just spend time together and I will create photos and a film that show how much you love one another! I promise, even dad will have fun! In the end you will receive a complete collection of images and a 2-3 min family film! You can see some recent family films HERE!


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