How does it work?

Our mission is to create something tangible for your home and deeply moving for you and your children to love as the years pass. We will choose the best printed art for your home, as it is what’s valued as the end result of your session, and  the reason you have decided to have photos done! There are no packages that lock you into prints you don't need. Instead you "Create A Collection"  with your choice of one or more of our Signature Art Products and all of your Digital Files. 

Before the Session

Once you decide on a documentary session we will book a date. We will chat before hand (either on the phone or in person) and talk about your hopes and dreams for your family photos. This will help me get to know what is important to your family and give you a chance to meet me so you and your family are more comfortable when I arrive at your home. 

During the Session

I'll come over to hang out for a couple hours. I won't pose your or direct you in any way. You just do what you love to do (build legos, play in the backyard, make breakfast or have a dance party) and I take photos. Most families are surprised at how easy and fun our sessions are! 


This is my favorite part! Two weeks after your photo session we will meet again and you will see your photos for the first time! We will go through your images together to select the best options for your Signature Art Products and you will leave with your Digital Files in hand!  


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