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I am happily married with two cute crazy kids! Born and raised in Kentucky, I am a Southern girl who loves Jesus, traveling and Indian food. As a kid, I loved looking through family photos, they were a time capsule with fascinating stories of life gone by. 

My desire to hold on to memories became stronger in middle school when we lost everything in a fire. Most things were replaced easily, there are few possessions I miss, but how I wish I could pull out the old family albums to show my kids. I want to be able to look back on my life and re-live the memories I hold in my heart. 

I want to help you hold on to the memories that are important to your family too! From big life events like the birth of a child to making a mess in the kitchen baking your favorite cake. Your story needs to be told. 

Interesting facts: 

I studied documentary photography at Columbia College in Chicago back when people used a dark room.

I have my SCUBA license and have gone diving in Mexico, the Philippines and Jamaica.

One summer I bought a one-way ticket to India and stayed for a couple months. 

I'm allergic to coffee! Which is ok because I prefer a good cup of chai or earl grey.

I'm a birth nerd! I am a birth doula (more about that here) and had one of my babies in my bedroom (yes, on purpose).

I prefer bourbon to wine and on the rocks. 

Someday I'd love to live in India (and eat saag paneer everyday)!


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