a little bit about me

Jessica Worland Photographer Bloomington, IL

I am happily married with two cute crazy kids! A southern girl born and raised in Kentucky. Lover of Christ. World traveler and Indian food fanatic.

I studied photography at Columbia College Chicago. Have a BA in Anthropology and Master's Degree of Public Health. I'm also a DONA trained birth doula with over 5 years of experience. 

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My passion for photography

As a kid I loved looking through boxes of old family photos. I loved teasing my parents about dad's curly hair when they were dating and my mom in her bell-bottoms! The ones of mom rocking me to sleep in our old house and playing tea party with my dolls were always a favorite.  My desire to hold onto memories became even stronger in middle school when we lost everything in a house fire.  There are few possessions I miss, most things were replaced easily, but how I wish I could pull out the old family photo albums to show my kids. I want them to see my dad putting together the swing set (with a full head of hair and a ridiculously short shorts), Mama playing in the refigerator box turned clubhouse and my sister and mother caring for the abandoned bunnies we found in the yard. I want to be able to look back on my life and re-live the memories I hold in my heart.

Now, I take pictures of our family everyday so our children will have albums full of memories they can cherish and share with their children. The pictures tell stories of Cordelia playing in the garden and covering herself in dirt, Charlie finding a caterpillar and waiting for the cocoon to open and riding the train with daddy to Chicago. 

I want to help you hold onto the memories that are important to your family. The moments that show the real you. Go beyond the annual family portrait and think about what you do together. Do you make dinner together? Have a dance party in the living room before bed? Game nights with your kids while they still spend Friday night at home? If it matters to you it is worth capturing. Sessions can include photos and video! Lets work together to capture your story today!

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My passion for birth

In graduate school, I partnered with community health workers to improve newborn and maternal health in rural India. When I came back from three months in India my desire to help mothers gain confidence in childbirth was so strong. But I thought women in the US didn't need this kind of help, after all most Americans have access to extensive medical care, nutritious food and education.

I started to look around for a place I could be useful and met a local doula. She opened my eyes to the need for birth support even in the states. Parents need to decide what care provider to see, where to deliver, how to deliver, what newborn procedures they want done and so much more! Many couples are surprised to find out that in birth they are a client not a patient and they can choose what happens at their birth.

Every family is different and your birth story will be unique. I want to support your choices and am happy to support you in a natural birth, induction, epidural and cesarean. I love being able to document the growth of your family in photos and film!