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I am happily married with two cute crazy kids! Born and raised in Kentucky, I am a Southern girl who loves Jesus, traveling and Indian food.

I studied documentary photography at Columbia College Chicago and have a BA in Anthropology and Master's Degree of Public Health. I'm also a DONA trained birth doula with over 6 years of experience. 

My path has taken some interesting turns, from working for the Health Department in the Philippines to teaching English in China,  but my passion for supporting women started in India. In graduate school, I partnered with community health workers to improve newborn and maternal health in rural villages. When I came back after three months, my desire to help mothers gain confidence in childbirth was so strong. But I thought women in the US didn't need this kind of help, after all most Americans have access to extensive medical care, nutritious food and education.

I started to look around for a place I could be useful and met a local doula. She opened my eyes to the need for birth support even in the states. Parents need to decide what care provider to see, where to deliver, how to deliver, what newborn procedures they want done and so much more! Many couples are surprised to find out that in birth they are a client not a patient and they can choose what happens at their birth. To learn more about the birth process you can sign up for my Childbirth Education Classes at the Bloomington Birth Center. 

Every family is different and your story will be unique. I want to support your choices including a natural birth, induction, epidural and cesarean. I love being able to go beyond my role as a Doula and document the growth of your family in Photos and/or Film so you can remember this incredible journey for years to come! Want to see if we're a good fit for your upcoming birth? Fill out the form below and lets chat.

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