HI! I’m jessica!

Jessica Worland Bloomington, IL
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As a kid I would spend hours looking through boxes of old photographs. I wanted to hear all of the stories behind the photos and know my family legacy. These boxes of photographs were my most prized possession! In the 8th grade our house burned down in a freak accident, clothes and toys could be easily replaced but most of the photos were lost forever.

As an adult I went on to study documentary photographer and anthropology. I thought I wanted to understand other cultures and make great photos for National Geographic but over time have realized these my purpose in life is to be a storyteller. During photo/film sessions we won’t simply take pretty pictures. We will work together to create photos that move you to your core as you see the beauty of your life. My hope is to join you on your journey, from pregnancy to birth to newborn and later milestones.

Sessions are fun, laid back and usually take place in the comfort of your own home. You will spend time with the people you love the most and I will document you life as it unfolds.